Borderlands 2! A problem I'm having is developing an affinity with the character I'm playing. If I'm not liking the character, I have a hard time playing the character. And it's unusual because I really liked all the characters and voices in the first game. So here's where I am right now:

In Borderlands 2, that little girl character(mechromancer?), does that robotic unit take damage? I was playing the soldier and the turret blows up quite often. But I'm starting to play with her and I haven't lost her robot pal once.

I feel like I haven't played a game in months. There was Batman, Skyrim, and ME3, and since then...I haven't played anything at all. I haven't even put in old games to play. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm losing my taste for gaming, or maybe it's just been a long drought of gaming goodness.